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Brittany Rose

 is a vocalist, producer, and songwriter hailing from the small town of Binghamton, NY. With what she dubs an 80’s fempop air, her sensual, strong and fiery voice often draws comparisons to Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson of Heart - that mixed with her grunge bedroom pop infused rock sound, Ms. Rose creates an atmosphere that screams laid back confidence with gold rings wrapped tightly around your fingers and a string of pearls around your neck. 

Make no mistake, behind her darker pop anthems like Pray Me Away (ft. A: M) and Take Back What’s Mine (ft. She’s A Spy), Brittany’s light and bubbly personality shines during her live shows, effortlessly making jokes with the crowd as she swiftly flies through a catalogue of original music inspired by the likes of Elton John, Lorde, Joan Jett, and Taylor Swift. Though an obscure list to pick from, all elements are noticeably present in her production, songwriting, and vocal skills.  

She has grown from her first album High Society, an album born out of experimentation and a sense of urgency to create all that she could. With anthemic tunes like Shattered Glass, the title track High Society, and Best Actress listeners could tell Brittany had a lot to say. Along with gut wrenching moments like Myself, and My Own, she was able to blend the world of rock and pop heartbreak in a way that sparks great interest in what she will go for next.


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